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kindra Turian
Mr Winesmith- I am sorry you felt you were made fun of but you were a griefer and came into our grid multiple times to drop things on our grid. Other pepole should be aware of you and the type of destruction you try and do to other sims when you do not like what they stand for. We had to report you to multiple "grids" that you have avatars on and finely we had to ISP ban you. If you want to act like a gentleman when you visit someone else's home, perhaps you would be treated in kind.

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Have been here about a week and everyone has been extremely welcoming! Thank you all! I highly encourage others to try it out!

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Does not look like in the pictures, which I can live with, but the store is outdated and half of their items can't be bought; because they either are grid only or the people putting them out did not pay attention and put out items with no copy textures and script. I also looked around on their grid and was not impressed most of it looks like it was made in 2005, some of it is very ugly. Tor was ok but my girlfriend went there and was treated horribly. The fair looks ok but is as I said barely functional. Their Pani sim is pretty but like this hub most of the shop items had no copy textures and cannot be bought. Turia is really laggy I gave up exploring. There is no way there are hundreds of active users I only encountered one, my girlfriend encountered one so there are at least 2 confirmed users. But it is sad that they brag so much of their greatness and their reality is a sad whimper.

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Great Place if you are into Gor! Welcoming and fun people. Hope to see you there.

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the Grid is so so.......i believe i was introduced to it from the gor hub in second life a while back the guy said ooh there are a lot of girls there come join us . i found as typical with most gor places most of the people mainly the leaders were pretty rude..and not very open to outsiders or newcomers.. also as typical with a LOT of bdsm communities of late (dont fool yoruself thats what gor primary is) i encountered a pretty rude sub on one of the sims and when i told the owners and staff there i was ignored and treated rudely.

also whats up with not having the grid dns as counterearthgrid.com so that other people from other grids who run into a user know what the heck it is?

also i find the grid is too large for its own good rather then the owner having a smaller set of locations and a tighter community he just sells regions to people which makes the grid far larger then it needs to be for the number of active users on it (not too many) and also means that there is issues about who is really in charge when problems come up.

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This is my home. I have been in Gor 24 years and I have done many rp's in many platforms. But Sardar of Counter earth is one of the friendliest. Honest. Gorean places. The owners of this area are friendly, Kind and good people who will go to any length to help you out. The owners of the Cities and villages connected to Sardar are great people who i feel complete the Gorean community. This land at 11 pm have a ooc voice night 7 nights a week.. Tho on Fridays its usually in someone else land. where we can talk about any thing and help each there grow. The sense of community is amazing. Kindra, Lionheart, RSVP, RN and Havoc go out the way to help Goreans be Gorean. Oh did i mention every thing is connected. Unlike other grids you don't need to TP to get some where. Unless you want too.

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Very Cool place.
Friendly people.
And really nice custom things :)

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So, I used to love to go to Sardar Fair and the people were very welcoming. The location was large and had lots of great items. The location is upgraded and even nicer looking than before. However, you can't just shop anymore. So, unless you are a Counter Earth Grid member seems you can't buy jack .. nothing. Saw new heads and well, I am very very very very very very sadden that I am not allowed to shop there anymore . ( I am an adult age and height rl and virtual avatar, been in opensim for years and co owner and manager for many a large grid ) ... just very sad.. :(

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Sparkle Bigboots
This grid is amazing. Like a family. We are Gor & conduct ourselves with such honor. Some people do not understand this! That is okay, but if you come here and seem to not fit in, Maybe you do not? Maybe you should come with an open mind and heart? We are not for baby girls or random BDSM kinksters. Again that is okay if you are that, but that is not what we are. Read a book by John Norman on Gor then come and see with Gorean eyes! Thank you & Love. Counter Earth Rocks!!!

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The people who run this grid, literally were and are the first friends I made when I came to opensim. They were warm and welcoming then as they are now. I read a few of the books and decided the lifestyle probably would not work for me full time. However, I visit there often to say hello and have a look around. I have ALWAYS been treated with the utmost kindness and open welcoming arms. I am kitely based now, but I still visit there with my avatar from their grid and my avatar from kitely. If you are having a personality problem with Kindra or any of the other owners, perhaps it is you. Idk. Gorean lifestyle is probably not for everyone and if that is so for you... do not go there... simple. As for me, I am and always shall be their friend.

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Been here for 4 years, LOVE the way that they are treating an all Gorean grid

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Mykael Goodman
If you don't mind the slander, deception, and dishonesty, these people could be potentially great. There's some people that are great here, but the "founders", specifically more kindra herself, is the biggest can of worms that can be the biggest problem. By gorean standards, a slave could never be admin of anything, and this holds true as to what can still cause the biggest problems in SL, now still too in this grid.
I was a grid admin, I was a server engineer for the grid, and I was slandered by this very "slave" relentlessly and suddenly. And I'm not the only one she's done this to. My recommendation is to stay away.

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last I knew you all locked your grid down to except for those who had av's there. Did ya get lonely?

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