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Terrains for viewing and free download as .raw and .r32 files, 1645 single- and multi-region, thumbnails, sculpt previews, Linden plants compilation, full region preview north in MB Sea 65.

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DannyC 7 months
Now open the Terrain Store region https://opensimworld.com/hop/82029-Ter... to get the HyperGrid links
DannyC 7 months
As a tribute to Magnus for all his hard work he did for us. Both in OpenSim and Second Life I have created a website where we can share his work and other terrain files https://terrains.dynamicworldz.com/ info on how to submit any works that have been missed out can be found on the "about" tab. Download Magnus's FREE terrains and others from this site.
eaglewealth 9 months
Jadessa I have no idea why that place went. it an awesome place to go to.
Jadessa 10 months
Anyone know what happened to this place?
nancysinatra 11 months
Does anyone know I this region will be back online? Be such a loss if not.
midnightrain 11 months
looks like its been 13 days its been off line, sigh
midnightrain 11 months
I mean the Terrain sim
midnightrain 11 months
Does anyone know why this grid is off line or know if its coming back
ausgrid 2 years
i was there earlier and great place to get terrains and raw files. i tried to go back just now but it down at the moment.
isisophelia 3 years
Many thanks Magnuz for the terrains and also for your Translator. This last has helped many newcomers who do not speak English.
Your time and work for the community is much appreciated :)))
suzysilverweb 5 years
Thanks! Very useful and wide variety of terrains :)
dkunstman 5 years
Thanks for hosting this content Magnuz
Remi 5 years
This is way cool!

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