Las Terrenas


Richard Lionheart
Sorry I had to ban you from my stores Prince. As a store owner and creator I put my rules, you either follow them or you are out.
We don't supply for resellers, or grid owners looking to make money from opensim. We only share our inventory (for free) with opensim residents for their personal use. I wish you healing and all the best, always.
To those looking for a nice place to explore and have good times with friends, sorry about this conversation here, feel free to visit Las Terrenas.

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This is a very beautiful region, so many nice spaces, and so easy to explore it. My favorite is the cafe gourmet.
I've known and visited las terrenas since long time ago.

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Prince Amor
Richard is a selfish person that thinks they have the right to judge who shall have what in opensim where the rules are never buy in opensim. I think they need to go back to second life, put their things on the market there if it is legal, and see what it is worth.

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