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55 professional Musician Florida,AVAILABLE single. Switch Strictly straight. I don't rp. Professional animated gif maker ASK. No ESCORTS please. Jung says I am INF/TJ. I am a Scorpio.

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Love music , chess and scripting

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blender, music,chess,music, love, music

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Music is that which besides silence best expresses the inexpressible.

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Star Trek

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Star Trek

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simple place for those that want to unpack. Please clean up after yourself. Just join the group. Teleport sign available to rest of my offerings Web page is
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Cars and Automobiles
3 0 and Automobiles 0 Users
Over 100 cars all free for the sharing. Never sell always leave full perm when you put them out. Licenses are within if anyone needs something taken out let me know. No need to park, all cars will autoreturn. Golden Gate bridge and the Largest helixes in the world. Don't go to fast or you will go fl...
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Fantasy Avatar Island
8 0 Avatar Island 0 Users
A collection of fantasy avatar fan art from DC, Marvel, Science Fiction and a variety of others. Over 100 FREE avatars never to be sold. All free for personal use and role play. Never buy and never sell in opensim. If your grid is monetized and selfish, you may find you do not have access.
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Maze of the Mind Dream
4 2 of the Mind Dream 0 Users
Love for ALL is our theme here. We have the biggest maze in the world.... 50$US for the year, or 8640 Lindens. 5$ month (864L) Website is hit contact to get started. A FIRM BELIEVER IN SHARING IS CARING, RELAX IT IS FREE, AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. FIRMLY AGAIN...
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Medieval Desert Fortress Castle
2 0 Desert Fortress Castle 0 Users
A medieval fortress constructed from a kit. Free medieval clothing. Work in progress...
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8 0 0 Users
Over 50 Freebie Boats massive 8x8 ocean free sailing. Cape Canveral is in the center! Please enjoy. Never buy in opensim, never sell. Always leave full perm
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Maze Space
1 0 Space 0 Users
Our Solar System laid out on an 8x8. Pluto space station has about 20 freebie spacecraft to enjoy flying around. Jupiter is...HUGE:-) Enjoy your stay!
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Maze of the Mind Free Houses
11 0 of the Mind Free Houses 0 Users
200 plus houses all cleaned up for UBODE. NEVER BUY IN OPENSIM. NEVER SELL THANK YOU!!!
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Maze ofthe Mind
15 2 ofthe Mind 3 Users
If the unreliable address doesn't work in the map, just search for Maze of the Mind and you will find us. Love for ALL is our theme here. We have the biggest maze in the world....850 erotic and spiral gif boxes, the nature sims, airport, racing and boating. Terran Empire movie project a star trek c...
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Terran Empire Movie Project
2 0 Empire Movie Project 0 Users
A set is being built above the Maze of the Mind.The orders are to build a set, find a script, and then find a crew large enough to read the parts for a second life adult themed terran empire star trek movie. Please submit a notecard with your name and what you would prefer your part to be...for ...
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Maze Airport
1 0 Airport 0 Users
Part of the Maze of the Mind Grid....singing...come fly with me come fly with me freebie planes...
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Maze of the Mind Grand Canyon
2 0 of the Mind Grand Canyon 0 Users
16 region nature meshes stacked up as high as 10000 meters. It can be a slow load, patience and good company a necessity but worth the wait if one likes beauty. Nice Balloon ride. Everything from Euorpe, Asia, volcanoes, Grand Canyon, Switzerland...enjoy.
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Meeting tonight at 9PM grid time...bring what you need help with ...or I will introduce how to convert the mapping of real player me avatars to sl/opensim!

Blender buddies regular weekly meeting will be at 9 PM grid time. Main topic is rigging. If you need caught up with installations feel free to come early. Otherwise come with something new you rigged from previous classes and bring questions! Very happy!
I am pleased to advertise the second blender class on rigging. Below is the notecard of required downloads to participate. Class will meet here promptly at 9PM Grid time.
downoad wuff

Oni Girl

auto rig

blender 3.5 preferred

KatKakoola: Just taken a look at those links, some things I didn't know about so I'll delve a little deeper! Kudos for posting this stuff, new things and new imagination are always needed x Sending 100 Excellence... 24 days ago

JoshBoam: You're Photo Hurts my eyes! Just sayin lol 1 month ago
In honor of the first virgin atlantic flight. Come get your copy as you like. Just always share it forever. hop:// Airport/677/204/28
Set up for ubode...if you want bullet...toggle it.
come get your picture with the TNG crew...we have 20 rooms bunch of freebies in them for those curious for a treasure hunt. Take a shuttle ride...hop:// Empire Movie Project/354/294/1937

MorningGlory: Will do ... nice creative work there Prince :) " And you always reply to messages " 3 months ago

Biggest waterslide in the world is now open!

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Las Terrenas

Richard is a selfish person that thinks they have the right to judge who shall have what in opensim where the rules are never buy in opensim. I think they need to go back to second life, put their things on the market there if it is legal, and see what it is worth.

Maze of the Mind Free Houses

I have no record of you entering. You must be using Firestorm or Singularity to enter Osgrid. My security orb has a record of anyone it has banned, and you are not one of them. There is a height sensor.. if you have too many scripts it will also kick you. If you like message me and we will figure out how to get you there or at least what is wrong with you that it won't let you in!

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