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Take a break, visit Africa :)

Today on stream : the music of Mali - African blues/ desert blues and more.

sample music here :

Happy weekend :)

Kashi Takeshi: Lovely place and great music :) 3 months ago
Visit the Kippies Jazz Club on the Africa sim to learn about the story of Kippie Moeketsi - father of South African jazz - and his club "Kippies" in Johannesburg that became the place to go for those interested in SA jazz.

Click the images on the wall to learn about some of the artists - and turn on stream to listen to the ever growing collection of jazz vibes from the Southern tip of Africa.

Sample the jazz here :

Pop in for a visit - chill by the Hippo pond - AfroJazz on stream. Perfect for a 10 min coffee/tea break from work :)

( Sample the jazz here : )

How about a joint while listening to some South African jazz at the Africa sim :)

You will find the joint at the welcome hut - hopefully it is full perm - it is meant to be shared.

It has a potleaf poof effect ( for a few seconds ) when attached.

Have a great week :)
Visit the Marula pub to learn more about the Marula tree. On stream at Africa today : gentle samba-style tunes by a unique AfroTrio - Toto, Bona, Lokua ( Cameroon’s Richard Bona, Congo’s Lokua Kanza and the Antilles’ Gerald Toto ).

Today on the Africa stream : African blues by Boubacar Traore and Vieux Farka Toure. Visit the Blues hut, turn on stream and enjoy the African atmosphere and the sounds of the blues from Mali.

Kashi Takeshi: Awesome place ! nice work Asha xox 1 years ago

Today at the Africa sim - music from Zululand on the stream. Pop in for a song or two to hear this unique guitar style and to enjoy the atmosphere of the little village.

Today on the Africa stream : sounds of Mali and Senegal. Pop in to enjoy some Afro vibes.

Woody: It was so beautiful 1 years ago

Check out the Ndebele shebeen (pub/cafe) - tune into the stream for more South African jazz, get some of the pottery that is on display and a copy of some of the Ndebele patterns :)

Come visit Africa to hear some South African jazz this weekend. Turn on stream and enjoy the vibe. Happy weekend :)

Kashi Takeshi: Love the place....feels like ....................... Africa! :) 1 years ago
Come visit Africa - a region dedicated to the music, art, wildlife and cultures of Africa. Turn on stream to hear today's playlist - tunes from Mali, Senegal, South Africa, Benin and more :) Happy weekend :)