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Littlefield Grid Welcome and Hangout Region!
Come by and hang out at Littlefield! Hypergrid Portals to other grids, Shopping, Entertainment, Arts and Culture and more!!

HG Safari will be joining us at Frankie Rockett's AMAZING Art Box region today at 3:00pm Pacific.

Come check it out: Box Come join the Safari and a great time and tour from Frankie!

AngelicKisses: This was a fun, and exciting interactive adventure! Thanks for the delightful tour :) 1 month ago
Frankie Rockett's AMAZING Art Box region is now live and open to the public! Come check it out: Box - FYI - HG Safari will be visiting on May 3rd. Come join them for a great time and tour from Frankie!

Ellen: I adore both Frankie and his Art Box!!! 1 month ago

Adding more of our favorite Hypergrid Destinations daily! If you have a club or destination you would like added, stop by the Welcome Area and send a message to one of the grid admins on duty!

We've just added a few HG Portals in our welcome area for some of our favorite Hypergrid Locations!

Littlefield Grid has just overhaled their Welcome Region with an all new layout including a nice hangout area! We have also added a set of HG portals for some of the dances and stores on other grids. We hope you like the new layout!

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