RRD Fashion Exclusives Adult

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Hope you are all having the Merriest Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year from RRD and the Staff & Members of Virtual Beach Grid.


*** Holiday Striped T-Shirt Dress ***

Available in 9 color combinations and found in the RRD Christmas Creations Shop.


*** Lace T-Shirt Dress ***

Available in 6 Colors and can be found in the Short Dresses Shop in the RRD Mall.


**** Ladies Padded Winter Boots ****

Available in 8 Colors matching the Ladies Padded Ski Jackets Now available in the Winter Wear Store.


****Men's & Ladies Padded Ski Jackets ****

Available in 8 colors to choose from

Ladies Can be found inside the RRD Mall in the new Winter Wear Store.

Men's can be found outside of the Mall in the Large Men's Fashions store.


**** 2022 Baby Polar Bear ****

2 sitting and 2 standing variations now available in the RRD Christmas Creations Shop.


**** Christmas Gnome Outfit ****

Now Available in the New RRD Christmas Shop


**** Christmas Snowflakes Outfit ****

Available in 5 colors in the new Christmas Shop at RRD.


Just in Time for the upcoming Christmas Season New 4pc Outfits available in the Christmas Creations Shop.

Box Includes:
Plain Vest
Quilted Vest
Snug Fit Pants
Christmas Novelty Design Shirt

all sets are rigged for Athena


Available in 4 Colors

Red with Red Snowman themed Shirt ( Shown in image)
Blue with White & Blue Christmas themed shirt
Green with White and Green Christmas Themed Shirt
Green with Olive colored Snowman design Shirt


Halloween Tight Bodysuit in 3 colors Black, Orange along with a Green & Orange Stripe. Now Available in the Halloween Fashions Store.


3Piece Halloween Web Outfits Green, Purple & Orange Grab 1 or grab all 3 now available in the Halloween Fashions Store.

!!! New Release!!!

For the rugged men of Opensim


These jackets are a single mesh release of the Open Front Jacket available in 12 colors for our rugged Lumberjacks.


For the Guys !!!

*** Open Front Jacket *** ... (Can be worn seperately)

Includes a mock Sweater & Shirt that is a half mesh only the front of the mesh is available.

For The Guys!!!!

*** Classic style T-Shirt with a Vest ***

this is a one piece mesh that can not be worn seperately.

For all the ladies of opensim

*** Jumper Dress ***

This version of the jumper dress is released in beautiful floral prints just in time for summer.

!!! Just Released !!!

** Alexa Lingerie Set **

12 Co-ordinated colors and patterns

Giving the Mall a bit of a make over

Thirza Ember: looks like summer! 8 months ago


** Krista Lingerie Set **

Includes: Robe, 2 Bras, and 2 Panties
Bras & Panties have a solid color version and a lace overlay version


** Ladies Tied Crop Top & Suspender Pants **

Pants in 15 colors ..... Top in a combination of 20 + Colors and patterns


** Irene Spot Lingerie **

Available in 15 colors


Jeanette Sport Lingerie

Available in 15 colors


** Letterman Sports Jacket **

Available in 6 colors

!!! New Release !!!


Outfit Includes:
Strappy Top
Long Pencil Skirt
High Platform Heels

Available in the Outfit Shop

!!! New Release !!!

** Men's Slim Fit Shirt **

Available in 7 colors


*** Mom Jeans Outfit ***

Denim Jeans
Intricate Platform Shoes.

New Release!!!!! Back to something for the ladies.

** Intricate Platforms **

11 Colors to choose from

Found in the Footwear shop just outside the main mall entrance to the left.

Get ready for beach parties and fun with this new release

MiguelTorres: wow cool shorts. 9 months ago

Another New Release for the GUYS!!!!!!!

New Releases !!!!!!!!! For the GUYS

New Release for the Ladies

Retro Maxi Skirt & Matching Bandeau Top

With the New Mean's Wear line I hope to expand and the current mall stores just to small to accommodate both Men's fashions and Ladie's fashions I have added a new larger store that will be the home of all the Men's wear fashion. I hope to have all the fashion moved from it's current locations in the mall to this store over the next few days. This new store is located just outside the main mall.
With a nice balmy 72 degrees today I was reminded Summer is not to far off and before we know it Spring will be over and Summer will rush in upon us. Time moves to quickly these days.

With that in mind I put together the Tied Top and Bootie Shorts in 10 color combinations.

Now Available in the first of the small Summer Fashions Shops.

Enjoy Your Shopping!!!

Just Released at RRD for the guys on your gift list

original mesh by Meli Imako and used with permission

New Men's Cardigan Outfit Now Available

All Men's T-Shirts are now available

Solid Colors
2 Tone Colors
Print Shirts

Over 100 Men's T-Shirts to choose from

RRD will be offline tomorrow April 19 for maintenance

Now Available at RRD Fashion Exclusives

Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirts in 10 colors

2 Tone colors and Print Shirts to soon Follow.

Just Released

Amelia & Ava Babydoll sets

available in the Lingere Shop

Just released

Faith Long Jumpsuit

available in 8 colors

5 New Mini Dresses have been added to Fashion Exclusives.

These Dresses can be found on the upper level of the Mini Dresses Shop and include

Eileen T-Shirt Mini
Felicia Halterneck Mini
Grace Laced Up Mini
Tirina Spiked Collar Mini
Wanda Lacey Mini
Zoey Micro Mini

More new goodies coming soon so stop by often.

Platform Mules have arrived at RRD

in 16 colors