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Jaxx's Club has a variety of top performers and we are looking for more! We need Singers, DJ's, and bands. Genre can be Rock, Blues, Jazz, and some Contry! The region has things to offer. Im jonn luik for information regarding booking etc.

The Sharpshooter band produces a mix of country, rock and other mixes. Some older country songs along with the newest hits!

Frisky Friday time with Jax DJ
Where: Captiva
When: 6 days ago [17 Sep 2021 17:00 SLT]

DJ Jax presents some hot tunes for your fun time! Rock,Country,Blues and jazz! Requests gladly accepted.

2 hours with Alexandra! An extremely talented worldwide performer brings her arrangements of various genres from classical to Blues, Rock, Instrumental, Band tributes, Studio and live concert events, and more! From RL to Opensims to give you an expierence in music never heard before here!

DJ JAX greatest mixes for 2 hours of dance and fun!
Where: Captiva
When: 2 months ago [7 Aug 2021 11:00 SLT]

Some of the finest mixes of various tunes and songs, Come rock with DJ Jax at jaxx's Club.

Jaxx's Club was hot on Double hitter Saturday with Acidic Loop and Austin Moores angels with some of the best tunes you have heard!

Today is Double Header Saturday at Jaxx's Club with Acidic Loop and Austin Moore's angels starting at 10 AM!

Jaxx's Club on Captiva sim seeking DJ's to put on good shows. We are flexible to any sets. Use Hop and click Jaxx's sign. Contact jonn luik.

WE are presently looking for DJ's to perform at Jaxx's Club on Captiva grid. Use the hop to get here. Contact jonn luik for information.
We also offer free shops/stores for your wares in the main district.

Drink your coffee and dance to Acidic's blend of music. From Jazz to Rock and Blues all mixed into a great blend of good music. If you land at pavillion site just click Jaxx's Club sign for actual LM to the club. This is an awesome performance that will make you rock!

Some of the finest songs and tunes from this live singer. He knows well how to present his music for your enjoyment. Austin Moore and his Angels perform for you here at Jaxx's Club. A lot of mixes with tunes and live songs from Country, Rock, Easy listening and more! He has a unique way of setting you in the right mood. Come join us at Venus Lunge for a nice afternoon.

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MidnightRain Glas 15 days ago
On Sept 8th at Double Deuce "you the owner of this Club" forgot to change the Sharpshooter" ad to say the EVENT HAD BEEN CANCELED)..... I'ts not the first time nor will it be the last time, you the Club owner of more than 1 on Captiva doesn't take the time to fix their own event ad.... I am beginning to wonder Jonn if you even care about some of the people that work for you... I thought you was truly kidding me when you laughed and said you were not there to be professional...I did not find that funny Jonn!! Are you trying to chase people away? Because some of the things you think are funny is NOT..... maybe you need to get out of the club business..
SandraShowboat 1 month ago
I had loads of fun with DJ Jax. Thx for the great tunes. Jaxx's Nightclub is a great place :)
Jonnluik 3 months ago
Jazzi is one of the best DJs here in Opensims. She will make your soul beat!
Jonnluik 3 months ago
Free shops for vendors throughout the large sim. Clothes and more if you can offer. Pick your shop and claim it in the business district. Please join Comet Land group to rez your items. This can be done at the welcome center just a short hop from Jaxx's Club. We love to fill up our shops here. Thank you.