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Trav Winesmith Never Died.
Suzy has got to be one of the most controlling Nazi-like sim owners I have come to run across so far. And I have met a few.... To say she takes the cake in my "most Nazi-like" sim owner of open sim award is an understatement. Suzy takes not only the cake, but she takes all the cakes in the store. Destroying all others trying to get a cake at the store no chance. It doesn't even matter if it's their birthday, she gets all of them and if you try and take one she will order her soldier to cut off you arm right there. When she is done taking all the cakes at the store, she ceases the bakery, and claims it as her own, therefore taking not only the cake or cake store. See that's not enough for her... she takes the whole bakery at gunpoint. Nazi party-Hitler style.. Congratulations Suzy, you are open sims, most psychotic and irate region owner. How the hell did you log me out of my account? where i get a meesage that says i have been kicked outta my grid? my computer froze when you did this and i had to reboot it. What kind of person gets that kind of power when they are not on the same grid as the other person that they just log out and freeze their computer? Ill tell you who.... Hitler.

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the region of Suzy is beautiful, good work, we had a pleasant time with Suzy who is a very pleasant person and who knows how to receive and put people at their ease

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Marioy Perfect-Life
je suis le propriétaire de perfect-life, je ne vous permet pas de faire de fausse déclaration sur suzy, cette région na rien a vendre et rien est a vendre sur mes région. je vous informe il est interdit de faire du harcèlement de quelque façon ce soit aux canada. il est impossible de vous déconnecter de votre sim. cette sim est sur ma grid et j'en suis le propriétaire. je vous informe aussi que vous est vous faire du copybot sur mes région. Alors je vous est bannie de ma grid. Je vous avertie ceci est mon 1e et dernier avertissement de plus communiqué directement ou indirectement avec mes résidents ou moi même. sinon je donnerais suite a porté plainte a la GRC du canada.

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I get racist harassment

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