Zeena Land

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Hello Everyone, if you're looking for freebies then Aurlandsfjord is for you, if you're looking for beautifully furnished houses and beach huts, Aurlandsfjord is for you, if you're looking for a beautiful sim to call home or to stop by for a vacation, Aurlandsfjord is for you. Aurlandsfjord is for HG visitors as well as local residents.......ALL ARE WELCOMED, so stop on by and see what I speak about, thank you!

I have a new Discord server up and running if anyone is interested in joining here is the link https://discord.gg/KeDDHYas8s so come on over and join......all are welcome. thank you!

Aurlandsfjord, Norway sim is a beautiful virtual replication of the real life Aurlandsfjord but with a touch of my own flare. There are houses and beach huts left for rent (free of course), there are fully stocked freebie stores at the landing zone, all items up for grabs, there are two huge decks to sit by and relax, there is a coffee shop at the landing zone, there are many things to see and enjoy and ALL THINGS IN AND AROUND THE SIM ARE COPIABLE FOR THE TAKING so stop on by and visit or make Aurlandsfjord your home. login.aviworlds.com:8002:Aurlandsfjord
Hello everyone in the Metaverse, Aurlandsfjord is open to the general public. It is open to all local and hypergrid residents. It is currently under construction so please be patient as I am the only doing the landscaping, furnishing and decoration the whole region. Homes and beach huts are currently available for free rent. Two of the bigger homes are already furnished and decorated tastefully. There is one freebie store stocked, the others will be soon. I strive to make this region a community on a virtual platform. Please remember housing is limited so first come first serve, thank you in advance for your visit and patronage. Y'all rock!