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Pro Racer Motorsports has now undergone a major upgrade. The region is still a 4 x 4 VAR but its now based on a modified Dream Track oar

Best know for racing for quite a number of years featuring a large pit lane with garages. There are now car/bike dealerships where you can purchase vehicles for $0. Helicopters, Mopeds, Scooters and even motorised skateboards. Many shops have now been added with everything for the Male & Female avatar.

Once again Pro Racer used to be live but has been down for a while. I am in the middle of adding and modifying to make the place look more realistic. Please bear with me while I continue the build.

Found this very nice Porsche 962 on the Hypergrid. The wheels were not working properly.
I have now re-scripted the car with all wheels rotating and steering. The doors and rear clam shell now open & close. Flames from the double exhausts both sides.
Available to pick up at Pro Racer Motorsports Welcome Center.
Well Dream Track is now the new Pro Racer Motorsports. Its been a lot of work over the last few day modding and changing. Just finished hundreds of Mesh Armco Barriers all around the circuit and I wouldn't wanna do that again. As a builder in Opensim that's the worst job I have ever done. But, it does look good. The circuit now looks amazing and I am pleased with the outcome so far. I still have many more additions to do to make it a little more realistic, but that doesn't stop the circuit operating,
My thanks to Joe Builder and Fred Fred Beckhusen for making this oar available to Dream Grid users.
A new video from Alexander City.
Just showing some of the updates and re-modelling I have done in the last week. Still a lot to do including finishing of the pesky armco barrier. What a headache, millions of them.
Finally got the Motorbike Store in place with 8 Race Bikes, 1 Quad Bike and 2 Cool Choppers. They are all scripted and up for Sale. $0.

The race bike speed is done by holding shift and left or right arrow for gear up and gear down. Pg Up a wheelie and Pg Down an Endo.

Try them out on the circuit and enjoy.
Working Hard on Updating and enhancing Alexander City Street Racing. Lots of shops going in and filling up, Car Dealerships, Residential Area and an Adult Area. The circuit goes through and around the City.

Instead of walking around a large Var region and not being able to fly like a lot of grids use. Here you can rez a choice of car or bike and speed around the city stopping at the stores or whatever takes your fancy.

The hardest part at the moment as its a large circuit is putting in all the Armco Barriers around the whole circuit. Seems like its taking days to complete.

I am getting there and the place is looking awesome at the moment. Hopefully we can get some race days sorted out, as I know there are quite a few race fans in Open Sim.

Bear with me and stay tuned.
I found this fabulous 1965 Mustang on Victor DeAngelo's Freebie Freeway. Its so nice I have scripted the Bonnet, Boot and Doors so they open and close. If you fancy driving it. I have placed it in the Rezzer at the 50's Diner.
Been Working hard on Alexander City. Lots of Mods and additions. There are now shops going in and lots of vehicles, so if you want to shop you can rent a vehicle a speed around the circuit as well.
The Vehicle Rental is opposite the Welcome Building. You will see the sign, just click it and choose your vehicle. If you go around the corner there is a 50's Diner with a 50's vehicle rental there also.
I will be putting in Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds later today.
I am in the middle of rebuilding the circuit, so you will possibly see a lot of work going on while your here.
Done a Custom Job on an old van I found on the Hypergrid. From a plain van to a van with a neat paint job, new wheels. All doors now open and close with sound. If you open the drivers door then click the van to drive your avatar will step into the seat.
Fully scripted so it drives with rotating and turning wheels.

Just finished re-scripting all the Skateboards. Now all running fine.
Available to use from the Rez Board outside the Skateboard Store.


The ultimate in comfortable driving. Fully scripted armchair ride.
This vehicle will be available to play with in Alexander City.


This is Alexander City's 1950's Diner where you can rent a classic car like a '57 Chevy Bel Air Hard Top, Convertible of a Hot Rod Coupe. Just click the sign on the left and choose your ride.

For Something a bit different I have Skateboards which are fun to ride. I am in the middle of re-scripting them, because the last time Alexander City was Live I was using the old ODE scripts.
have you ever ridden a high powered Skateboard. Great Fun !

This is a Birdseye View of the main Building and Main Straightaway

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Amber Tanaka 20 days ago
nice place to drive and explor good job
Mike Hart 3 months ago
The Next Reality Grid and Pro Racer Motorsports are now running smoothly.
HG in and out are also O.K.
Mike Hart 3 months ago
Please bear with me. I have some weird DNS issues at the moment with Pro Racer Motorsports. Trying to get them sorted out.
Mike Hart 3 months ago
All sorted now.
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 3 months ago
I got my own probs dealing with switching the last 2 versions of firestorm after crashing like a dozen times with the latest and greatest version these past few days in various grids, with your pro racer region being the final straw of having to crash and see the dang send crash report nonsense that I have turned off but still see. I'm downloading the previous version as I type. :)