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Welcome to all The Golden River, where you can find fabulous shops, man and woman, beautiful landscapes where you can spend a pleasant time and a fabulous nightclub, you are invited to visit us and enjoy this region

New Avatar minotauro Female !! and New Clothing male - Female Avatar minotauro !!

Upgrade Avatar - Hud alpha and eyes,honrs.

hello everyone I'm finishing working on a new hud version of each furry avatar will have new functions such as alpha and eye colors !

New men's clothing pack with hud included !!

New articles in The Golden River ... Don't miss them

New zone avatars !!

Hello New Avatar [Male Dragon Quadrupe]

The new four-legged Dragon avatar is now available, if you have any questions you can use the box of restraints and I will read the problems A greeting, For next week the same avatar will be but a Female! Thank you

Hello guys new mens clothes hope you like it! we will have more clothes soon!

The rabbit avatar is now available!

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Pugilist maravilloso lugar! gracias por el buen trabajo!
Real blonde gracias por el gran trabajo !!!

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Uriah_Devereux 4 months ago
can´t reach at all..." unable to verify error" tried with 3 different accounts.....IT DOES NOT WORK!!!
Gioiasautereau 5 months ago
unable to verify, well then..... skips...
Golden River 5 months ago
try to come from somewhere else
Gioiasautereau 5 months ago
tried various grids as a starting point, even an avatar who is registered in another grid and had no problems the last month to travel to the grid you are located, well all without any success
sweet illusion 8 months ago
new avi..been around..and there a wqaiting period because UNABLE TO VARIFY
Mark 10 months ago
Many visitors from other Grids are being stopped by "Teleport Failed Unable to verify identity".We go to Scararium's web page and are not given the option to do so. in making a new account we get no response.
sweet illusion 8 months ago
same for me mark..
DjBran 1 years ago
como faço para visitar? sou do brasil e não abre pra visita fala uma msg: unable to verify identity
Golden River 1 years ago
o terreno está aberto a todos
DjBran 1 years ago
não mesmo, para o Brasil e fechado as portas, não sei por que , meu igrid e aberto a todos, aqui voc~e pega tudo de graça sem frescuras de regiões, pelo que fiquei sabendo a sacrariun não gosta dos Brasileiros, uma pena já que opesim e uma cadeia livre para ser aberta a todos