thedeeferry 6 months ago
Come see this super duper sim! Allow lots of time... this is a huge place. You can walk with an Egyptian and ride an elephant with a mind of his own. Hahaha :))
Alexandria is really super region, so much to see, so much to hear, amazing
NewStyler 1 years ago
really super awesome looking region. Great job.
Ometeotl Mikoyan 2 years ago
Whoa! I was only there a few hours and I led a slave revolt, seduced the Queen, formed an army to overthrow Rome and Persia, and had a rockin' BBQ using the Great Lighthouse! I can't recommend this sim enough, this is an amazing place.
Bink Draconia 3 years ago
This region is really a jewel in Opensim. Unluckily OSW beacon seems to be offline, so region status is shown as "unknown" although Alexandria is online.
Region is too large to see everything at 1st visit, so I will come back again...
Thanks to creator(s) of this region!