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Default region of Kroatan Grid - Welcome Wasteland Absolutley depresssing desert with absolutely nothing interesting ... Stop! Nevertheless there IS something interesting: Teleporter to all other public regions of Kroatan Grid (beyond bridge, at the ruin), which don't look like such depressing ...
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Eternal Ice Ice 0 Users
Winter themed region of Kroatan Grid with Xmas market ( Freebies ^^) and Silvester fireworks built in 2016. Eternal Ice has free winter and Xmas themed stuff to all who need something like that to decorate their own winter region. Like every year in the past there will be an Advent Calendar ev...
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Koburk 0 Users
After a few month of work Koburk - a high detailed region for Chill Out & Photography in Kroatan Grid - is finally open... So what is NEW? Quite nothing ... Nearly each object on Koburk I've found somewhere free in OpenSim ^^ I tried to create Koburk not too laggy, but when you arrive first ti...
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Needful Things Things 0 Users
Freebie Stuff made in OpenSim <> If you do not want to walk around, take Tram at landing area or at Latest Freebies (for sale or to copy) & Exhibitions are: - Animations - Textures - Fashion for Ladies & Men (Mesh & Layer Clo...
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Absolutely awesome region. Great landscaping. Good work!
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Thank you Spike for restarting region and make many of the famous teleporters working again!
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Why do so many people prefer typing a bad review instead of sending owner a private message telling about the issue(s)? This behavior is very best way...
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Absolutely awesome amusement park! A "must-visit" to all people who love carousels, roller coaster, auto scooter and more ...
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