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Freebie Stuff made in OpenSim <> If you do not want to walk around, take Tram at landing area or at Latest Freebies (for sale or to copy) & Exhibitions are: - Animations - Textures - Fashion for Ladies & Men (Mesh & Layer Clo...
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HG Houses with Snow Control - NEW @ Needful Things

I added to all my HG Winter Prefabs a Snow Control Panel, so you can switch between summer / winter with just one click.
Most of these houses got a Light Control Panel, too.

p.s.: More modificated HG prefabs will coming soon in "Need a new Home?" store - opposite to the Bank of Needful Things.

* * *

HG Häuser mit Schnee-Menü - NEU @ Needful Things

Ich habe meinen Winterhäusern mit Schneedach, die ich über die Jahre im HG aingesammelt habe, einen Schnee-Kontroll-Schalter hinzugefügt, so dass man mit nur einem Klick zwischen Sommer- / Winterstyle wechseln kann.
Ebenso haben die meisten der Häuser einen Lichtschalter zum Kontrollieren der Lampen bekommen.

p.s.: Mehr modifizierte HG Häuser (ohne Schnee^^) folgen nach und nach in den neuen Shop "Need a new Home?" - gegenüber der Bank von Needful Things.
Kroatan wishes a Happy New Year to everyone!
You can grab this free calendar inside the red "Kroatan"-building next to landing point of Needful Things. It is an endless calendar- you can change textures inside and use it for next year again ...
* * *
Kroatan wünscht allen ein Frohes Neues Jahr!
Der kostenlose Kroatan Kalender 2021 kann ab sofort in dem roten "Kroatan"-Gebäude gegenüber dem Landepunkt von Needful Things mitgenommen werden. Es ist ein Endlos-Kalender, d.h. einfach die Texturen im Inhalt austauschen und scchon kann er auch im nächsten Jahr wiederverwendet werden ...
New Banner-Shirts for Ladies & Men
! ATTENTION ! Traces of Sarcasm, Irony & Cynicism included!
* * *
Neue Spruch-Shirts für Frauen & Männer
! ACHTUNG ! Enthält Spuren von Sarkasmus, Ironie & Zynismus!

Travel Agency in Needful Things

New pictures & landmark giver to my favourite regions in OpenSim ...

! Roth2 v2 Mesh Body has arrived !
Roth2 v2 with BoM and without BoM for based regions

NEW * Pet Store * NEW

* Static Animals * Animated Animals * Wearable Pets * Scripted Pets *

for Ladies & Men with funny sayings in English & German (suitable for Athena, Ruth 2.0, Ares, Decadence, etc.)
[ Lustige Sprüche - Shirts für o.g. Mesh Bodies ]

Very needful things :) ... now available at Needful Things landing area

Are you bored? Try cracking the bank vault on Needful Things ...
Hast du Langeweile? Versuche den Bank-Tresor von Needful Things zu knacken ...

New store in town: Terra Mater - Terrain Textures

funny & useful signs

Latest store at Needful Things: More than Lights ( lamps & co. )

Easter Stuff

NPC Factory - Free NPCs for everyone

Latrine Cesspool Fashion

Natasha Stanwyck Freebies

Flowerish & Pots - Huge collection of potted plants from all over the HyperGrid

New @ Needful Things: Lorulei - Ruth 2.0 Fashion, Shapes & Skins

Streets of 'Needful Things'

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Great nordic themed region - Hunt game is a "must have seen".... OpenSim should have more places like this one. Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Moonlit Shadows

Moonlit Shadows is one of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen in a virtual world. A "must-visit" for those who like exploring winding mountain paths (you can also take a horse with 2 seats at the landing point). The region is a large 4x4 Var, so it is almost impossible to see everything in just one visit... *** Moonlit Shadows ist eine der tollsten Landschaften, die ich jemals in einer ...

Blocky World

Absolutely awesome (lag free^^) region - I love it!!!


Highly detailed virtual world - visitors feel like a time traveller back in old egypt...

Azeroth Community

Absolutely awesome region. Great landscaping. Good work!


Thank you Spike for restarting region and make many of the famous teleporters working again!


< Iceland > is an adult region, styled like a military base. You will find objects with sex- and rlv-animations for public use ... Who - except Miss Tenk - believes, that it would be NOT okay, to be careful and check out low avatars (to avoid child avatars visiting a sex- region)? Unluckily there happend a mistake during last party, but it is shameful to give a bad review to whole region afte...

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A greatful work my respect and all 4 thumbs up ♥