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Stella Polaris Polaris 0 Users
A fantastic place to relax, explore and photograph! Stella Polaris is an enchanted, magical region - perfect for exploring and beautiful snapshots ... To all of you who love shiny things: - there is a special kind of guestbook into the big ruin: just crack ONE of the geodes and leave your name a...
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Kroatan 0 Users
Default region of Kroatan - Welcome Wasteland Absolutley depresssing desert with just one highlight: TELEPORTER to all other public regions of Kroatan Grid, which don't look like such depressing... ONLY accessible by TELEGATES (or Landmark): - Farmerama (SatyrFarm with NPCs and Quintonia extensio...
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Eternal Ice Ice 0 Users
Winter themed region of Kroatan Grid with Xmas market ( Freebies ^^) and Silvester fireworks built in 2016. Eternal Ice has free winter and Xmas themed stuff to all who need something like that to decorate their own winter region. *NEW* Xmas Valley (since 2020)*NEW* Region with Christmas Market &...
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Koburk 0 Users
After a few month of work Koburk - a high detailed region for Chill Out & Photography in Kroatan Grid - is finally open... So what is NEW? Quite nothing ... Nearly each object on Koburk I've found somewhere free in OpenSim ^^ I tried to create Koburk not too laggy, but when you arrive first ti...
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Needful Things Things 0 Users
Freebie Stuff made in OpenSim <> If you do not want to walk around, take Tram at landing area or at Latest Freebies (for sale or to copy) & Exhibitions are: - Animations - Textures - Fashion for Ladies & Men (Mesh & Layer Clo...
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Kroatan wishes a Happy New Year to everyone!
You can grab this free calendar inside the red "Kroatan"-building next to landing point of Needful Things. It is an endless calendar- you can change textures inside and use it for next year again ...
* * *
Kroatan wünscht allen ein Frohes Neues Jahr!
Der kostenlose Kroatan Kalender 2021 kann ab sofort in dem roten "Kroatan"-Gebäude gegenüber dem Landepunkt von Needful Things mitgenommen werden. Es ist ein Endlos-Kalender, d.h. einfach die Texturen im Inhalt austauschen und scchon kann er auch im nächsten Jahr wiederverwendet werden ...
After Eternal Ice has been getting fuller and fuller since 2016, but for nostalgic reasons is not to be rebuilt, the new, additional winter region < Xmas Valley > has recently been added, with a large Christmas market, ice skating rink and a (replacement) Advent calendar (with the same content as on Eternal Ice!!!).
If the Christmas markets in the RL remain dark this year because of the various Corona lockdowns, < Xmas Valley > is a small virtual substitute for it ...
The region is in winter time only accessible via the map ( Valley )
or reach the teleporter on Kroatan or via the LM Giver on Needful Things!
Nachdem Eternal Ice seit dem Jahr 2016 immer voller und voller geworden ist, aber aus Nostalgiegründen keinen Umbau bekommen soll, gibt es seit kurzem die neue, zusätzliche Winterregion < Xmas Valley >, mit einem großen Weihnachtsmarkt, Eislauffläche und einem (Ersatz-)Adventskalender (mit dem gleichen Inhalt wie auf Eternal Ice!!!).
Bleiben im RL wegen den diversen Corona-Lockdowns die Weihnachtsmärkte dieses Jahr dunkel, so ist < Xmas Valley > ein kleiner virtueller Ersatz dafür ...
Die Region ist in der Winterzeit nur über die Karte ( Valley )
oder den Teleporter auf Kroatan oder über den LM Geber auf Needful Things zu erreichen!
Time has come for a new Advent Calendar Event (Dec. 1st - 24th 2020)!
As every year since 2016 there is an Advent calendar on region Eternal Ice with some free gifts for you. Please note, there is also an Advent calendar in Offworld - region Soley, with more free gifts for you.... ( Taxi: )
You can also get past advent calendar gifts at the small Xmas market stalls near landing area AND inside the observatory on top of the hill behind party area (use ferry near landing area to get there!)
Die Zeit für einen neuen Adventskalender ist gekommen! Vom 1.-24. Dezemeber 2020 gibt es jeden Tag ein neues Geschenk auf Eternal Ice abzuholen.
Bitte beachtet, dass es einen weiteren Adventskalender in Offworld, Region Soley, mit noch mehr Geschenken für euch gibt ( Taxi: )
Ihr könnt auch weiterhin die alten Adventsgeschenke seit 2016 auf Eternal Ice noch einsammeln - entweder in den kleinen Marktbuden nahe dem Landepunkt oder im Observatorium auf dem Hügel hinter dem Partybereich (hierfür nehmt iht am besten die Fähre nahe dem Landepunkt!)
New Banner-Shirts for Ladies & Men
! ATTENTION ! Traces of Sarcasm, Irony & Cynicism included!
* * *
Neue Spruch-Shirts für Frauen & Männer
! ACHTUNG ! Enthält Spuren von Sarkasmus, Ironie & Zynismus!

Soulmates' Art Atelier

Travel Agency in Needful Things

New pictures & landmark giver to my favourite regions in OpenSim ...

Dance Cage

Horse with poses (2 seats) - perfect to make romantic snapshots ...

More pianos ...

Hexagons with magic illumination

Time for two ...

Stairway to Heaven - Please be careful walking up the stairs: usually no one ever has returned from heaven ...

Play the golden harp or crack one of the "visitor"-geodes to leave your name above it...
Please crack just one of the "visitor"-geodes; they are just another kind of guestbook. If you like the geodes, you can enter the big cave at the other side of Stella Polaris and get your own one by playing the minesweeper game ...

Sit down at the beautiful crystal piano and start playing classic music ...

! Roth2 v2 Mesh Body has arrived !
Roth2 v2 with BoM and without BoM for based regions

NEW * Pet Store * NEW

* Static Animals * Animated Animals * Wearable Pets * Scripted Pets *

SaytrFarm with NPCs and Quintonia Extensions


for Ladies & Men with funny sayings in English & German (suitable for Athena, Ruth 2.0, Ares, Decadence, etc.)
[ Lustige Sprüche - Shirts für o.g. Mesh Bodies ]

Very needful things :) ... now available at Needful Things landing area

Teleporter and Previews to my other Regions

Eternal Ice exists since 2016, but I forgot to rez a warning sign in front of the (summer) tyre swings - but I did it now ^^
NPC Gina does her best to point you to right direction, but what should I say? She's as bad at her job as the drunk ferryman ... It's really hard to get good staff (to work for no pay)!

Kroatan Ruins with HG Teleporter

Kroatan Grid Landing Zone with Grid Teleporter

Advent Calendar 2019 is still running!
Do not forget to grab the gifts in Observatory building before event is over.
Past (Kroatan-) gifts will be available in Past - Xmas - Gifts - shed near landing area, but do not miss the KiWo gifts !!!

Xmas Market - a < must-have > on every winter region ;)

Shuttle Ferry to Observatory (easiest way to get to observatory)
A ride takes about 5 minutes - arrival at landing area every 10 minutes.

Club with Fireworks

Observatory on mountain's top - location of Advent Calendar 2019

Landing Area with past and current advent gifts.

Ice Scating is fun :)

My first train I've made in 2016. Script is very simpel, train very ugly - but I love this train ^^
Mein erster Zug, den ich 2016 gebastelt habe. Das Skript ist extrem einfach, der Zug ziemlich hässlich - aber ich liebe diesen Zug ^^
Many people asked for Freebies on Koburk: Of course it has some! Look at our "Firewood fo Hire" - location: absolutely free for you!!! (But bring firewood back undamaged, please!)

Viele Leute fragen nach Freebies auf Koburk: Natürlich gibt es hier welche! Schau nur zu unserem Brennholzverleih: absolut kostenlos für dich!!! (Aber bitte gib das Holz unversehrt zurück!)
The Ferryman drives around the Lighthouse all day long - please DO NOT PAY HIM! Koburk is a non commercial region and I don't know where he will bring you to after he got an Obulos (you will not get to Hades, will you? ^^)
Der Fährmann dreht täglich seine Runden um den Leuchtturm herum - bitte BEZAHL ihm NICHTS! Koburk ist eine nicht-kommerzielle Region und ich weiß nicht, wo er dich hinbringt, wenn du ihm einen Obulos zusteckst (du willst ja nicht in den Hades gebracht werden, oder doch? ^^)
Your safety is our mission! Koburk's Life Guard cares about all visitors: 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. EXCEPTION: when he makes beer break, whistles to girls or is watching vivitors through his telescope ...
Sicherheit wird auf Koburk groß geschrieben! Der Rettungsschwimmer kümmert sich um alle Besucher: 24 Stunden pro Tag - 7 Tage die Woche. AUSNAHME: wenn er gerade Bierpause macht, den Mädchen hinterherpfeift oder jemanden durch sein Teleskop beobachtet ...

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Great nordic themed region - Hunt game is a "must have seen".... OpenSim should have more places like this one. Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Moonlit Shadows

Moonlit Shadows is one of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen in a virtual world. A "must-visit" for those who like exploring winding mountain paths (you can also take a horse with 2 seats at the landing point). The region is a large 4x4 Var, so it is almost impossible to see everything in just one visit... *** Moonlit Shadows ist eine der tollsten Landschaften, die ich jemals in einer ...

Blocky World

Absolutely awesome (lag free^^) region - I love it!!!


Highly detailed virtual world - visitors feel like a time traveller back in old egypt...

Azeroth Community

Absolutely awesome region. Great landscaping. Good work!


Thank you Spike for restarting region and make many of the famous teleporters working again!


< Iceland > is an adult region, styled like a military base. You will find objects with sex- and rlv-animations for public use ... Who - except Miss Tenk - believes, that it would be NOT okay, to be careful and check out low avatars (to avoid child avatars visiting a sex- region)? Unluckily there happend a mistake during last party, but it is shameful to give a bad review to whole region afte...

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