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Cala Corta
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Liv Moore
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3 years ago
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The Moore's have searched the lands of the hyper grid to source only the finest components to create the vision of their stunning beach town, Cala Corta. Featuring the intimate beach front, shopping district, right through to the finely detailed Old Town. There is something for everyone!

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Harmony Beningborough Just when I thought I had seen everything in OS...I find Cala Corta!! I was greeted by Liv Moore and welcomed to this gorgeous region! I don't know how long I was here..over 2 hours for sure and I didn't see everything! This is one place I will return to again and again..felt like I was on a dream v...
Maverick Loire This is the best sim ever.......i am so addicted....;)))
~Ya~MaHa~ So many beautiful and amazing revenge in Sacrarium !!! This is one of them .... I enjoy a great job

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italianmeatt 3 years ago
This sim is Fantastic as there is so much to see and Not enough time to see everything but its just Gorgeous :) I met the owner Liv and she was so helpful in many ways and was Friendly and offering help and suggestions to view her land and the Details that have been placed all over makes exploring ever more Beautiful and Fun. Its always the small details that owners put into their sims that make it shine and Liv to me has done this so well. Tons and Tons of Freebies everywhere and for that I Thank You Liv :) So if you want to go hypergridding to a place where you can have Fun and Relaxation and go Shopping for quality items, Cala Corta is the place you need. I definately will be coming back here to explore, explore and explore and Thanks again Liv for allowing all to come to your land :) Kudos to you !