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A Ray of Sunshine
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Everyone needs a bit of sunshine in their life :) It nurishes the body and soul!

One rule....no pedophiles, child avatars, or "child play" allowed or risk perma Banned 18+ Region

Is a place where all walks of life are welcome. One day there might be entertainment, another there may be role-playing going on, I do not like to limit these sims to the endless possibilities. It is brand new, but what I can tell you is it is sci-fi, fetish, fantasy and even Gorean! But how you say none of those go together? I guess you will have to stop on in to see how my mind works. ~giggles. If you have any adult goodies to donate to the sims [in desperate need], click donation barrel near the landing area, it will give instructions. Help me to give you a fantasy experience full of happiness and sunshine! If you need to leave me a message, click my board for instructions. Can't wait to meet all you lovely new people! Oh and did I say..."Welcome to my world! I hope you enjoy your stay". [I am in need of a scripter to help bring my creations to life, I am not able to pay but your work would be fondly appreciated and a dedication memorial will be placed upon the region...ty ~Kiss]

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