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A Region builded with much love for details. No matter if you just want to have a walk through the little Town, visit our Coffeeshop to enjoy a blunt or you are here to grab all the nice FREE Mesh-items that we are offer. You are always Welcome!!!

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It is realy sad to see that some peoples of the grid took Free mesh clothes from our and other grids and sell it on the brasil grid for real money! SHAME ON YOU!! For this reason we have to draw consequences in future.
2 years - 0 comments
New High Quality Male & Female Mesh Closes has arrived! Hop to KitoCity and take a look!
2 years - 0 comments
Today we thought that its time to place new men clothes in @ KitoCity! We decided to place many complete outfits and....ITS DONE!!!
2 years - 0 comments
Today many new deco items have arrived @ KitoCity! If you love decorating like we do, come over and get some free new material!!!
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rossini 12 months
Kito City is my favourite sim.
KrimmyDayStar 1 years
Nice sim and beautiful content
Drebben 1 years
Sadly very laggy for me and others i tried to chat to Sim ping: 950ms 0.5 FPS
unusable from my location: Eastern Europe :-(
Lynx 1 years
It is easy to make something good looking when you can steal everything you need.

It is easy to say everything should be free when you haven't spent countless hours making all those things yourself.
revosim 2 years
WOW ! Nice style
revosim 2 years
For me is visible the region!
very nice grid love all the mesh decorations... Thank you shiva
Thank you, Kioto City, for keeping in the true spirit of FREE OpenSim. This sim is truly a must see! Enjoy.
Slowhand 2 years
A wonderful Place :-)
DollyDot 2 years
Beautiful Place to visit. Unfortunately those ladies do not sell in sl Or I would have bought those builds and items they offer free here immediately for my land in sl.
DollyDot 2 years
Funny thing is I found most of the items in sl , only I think that copy botters took it to sl ..... Ladies you should take action, they are stealing all your items in sl:)
nancysinatra 2 years
lovely region, so nice to see an effort made not just boxes piled high. shiva thank you
ChanelRewell 2 years
Sweet :)
shiva 2 years
Thank You !
DorenaVerne 2 years
Very, very nice. :-)
shiva 2 years
Thank You so much
scanners 2 years
schöne kleine stadt, .. viele details .. super
StellaDavis 2 years
I visited today the sim and i was suprised, such love for the decoration of the sim ....well done :)
lena.telling 2 years
hammer schön
iekocatnap 2 years
Very nice place, I've enjoyed my visit, thank you for free items !
shiva 2 years
Thank you iekocatnap! Hope to see you again, we will update the items constant
JeTammie 2 years
Looks great! I Just couldn't rezz to see everything. I will be going back for sure
shiva 2 years
Ty JeTammi for your visit and I hope everything will rezz the next time you visit our little town
Edina21 2 years
I visited today and loved it ^^ so nice to see such a cleverly done build with new items!
shiva 2 years
Thank you for your visit and your comment Edina21
oopsee 2 years
omg this region is fantastic !!! Found so many new things and all FREE !!!!
shiva 2 years
Thank you for your visit and your comment oopsee

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Bravo!!!!! This is opensim 2017!!!!! This is Art, This is Beauty! This is Creativity! Time as come to replace 2004 jurassic Zadaroo and Cluterfly content that stop opensim evolution for so many years! Thank you so much for bring us into 2017!!!!
wonderful grid I recommend a visit to all... its stunning
A wonderful setup! I'm so glad to see some people work hard to bring quality in OpenSim. Walking around is a delight. The environment is natural, and everything seems at its place, not like in a legoland.
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