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cero m
Absolutely gorgeous build!!! Took a while to load but well worth it. Very interesting futuristic build with multi-level roads and buildings made it a delight to explore

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Harmony Beningborough
WOW!!! You were not kidding when you said this build is big! I love to explore so didn't use the teleporters, and I made the right choice!! This is just so cool on every level! I loved it and will definitely be back because 2 hours wandering and I am pretty sure I didn't see it all! Awesome build, textures, tons of buildings to explore and shopping to boot! Fabulous!!!!

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Elo VitaKali
hello I wanted to thank you for your appreciation on my region the shadow of either I am very happy to know that this visit to my house you enjoyed . I like your region very much in my turn, very nice design, bravo to you I also recommend visiting your

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