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Digiworldz Welcome region is your starting point in Digiworldz! Here, you can hang out and meet people, contact Digiworldz Staff, or even learn the basics of virtual navigation. We have our Digiworldz HyperGrid Signup Kiosk to create a local account if you so desire, plenty of FREEBIES, LMs, Avatars, and games to keep you busy! Come explore Digiworldz today!!

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Lori I wish people could see this before joining... it is NOT open sim, need to delete from this site...cannot hypergrid to many places. get many error message on region. like cannot rez parcel full, when there is 13000 still left. many places in digiworldz.. no longer exist. is still grid. Teaching is b...
sir swaghorse digiworldz is awesome one of the best grids in os and people on grid are friendly too.
Jane Stonecrow Digiworldz is a great grid, and growing all the time! Friendly, helpful people, lots to do, lots to see. And it IS open to HG. It's too bad people use a forum like this to complain rather than getting their problem handled through proper channels. Digi Rocks! :)

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Lori 1 years ago
DO NOT use digiworldz... cannot hypergrid to many other grids. alsways get error message onown region. should be taken down from opensimworld website, is not open sim.
Copper 12 months ago
I agree to you..Digi also doesnt understand the EU law...accepting backdoor TOS?? Pfff..I said in IM a couple of times to TRLifter (and received only a lol) : EU law just says #1: that one can ask an Admin to tell the data that were colected, #2 that those datas are core corected, and #3 to delete them on request. Thats all. So de facto, as many US or outside EU grids do, they close themselves..and LL claps hands..Too sad! Maybe those grid owners should ask a lawyer or so. And then also posting at HG biz how great that is...Shame on you. I was TPing many times to Digi and loved what ppl do there. But this... cant be the sense of a free HG!
sir swaghorse 1 years ago
hypergrid on digiworldz works fine for me maybe you should contact digiworldz support if you are having issues with hypergrid on your region. you might also want to check that you have hypergrid turned on for your region.
Linda Shelby 12 months ago
Sirswaghorse Digiworldz hypergrid only works good for you, and nobody cares Truth is from Digiworldz you can't access best free content grids don't dare to start copybot drama because everybody knows Digiworldz is now the commercial grid that stores more copyboted items in their asset servers after SL grids.
TRLifter 4 years ago
Come and explore DigiWorldZ!