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Jupiter Rowland
Mesh clothes scratch-made in and for OpenSim exist. Even for Ruth 2.0. Taarna made them, you can find them here. Granted, not everything can be worn by Ruth2 v4, but Ruth2 v4 came after these clothes, so you can't blame Taarna.

There's also not exactly little menswear, made by Taarna as well. And don't forget the shoes and boots; Taarna is one of three creators of medium-heeled Ruth2 shoes I know of. If you want more shoes or maybe jewellery, take a look at La Baronnie on the same grid which isn't listed here.

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This is a true staple of OpenSim and I hope it never goes away .. or if it does at least leave us an IAR, I beg of you!

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Jessie Campbell
The first feet that really LOOK like feet....Taarna was so far ahead of her time...and still is!! Thank you Taarna!! HUGGS! ♥♥♥

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