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~Crystal Sea SciFi Beach Resort~ Is an ((All Girls Only)) tropical beach resort with a futuristic twist. Located on the beautiful OSgrid. Come enjoy our tropical beach and swim in our romantic pools.. Enjoy a ride on your custom train or have fun and ride our many theme park rides located in various locations. This is a great place to meet new friends in an exciting & relaxing atmosphere. Come dance with us under the moonlight, or lay out in the warm sun. Come have fun with us :-))
~ This region is open to all women only ,no matter what galaxy you come from (lesbians, bi & straight!) 18+ adult avatars only please child avatars not allowed ~
~Enjoy and Have fun~

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SheriffDawn 6 months ago
Crystal Sea is now located on the beautiful OSGrid we use to be on Metropolis grid. It is very sad what the owners/admins are doing now in Metropolis grid. Come see us on Sea33-Var
SheriffDawn 1 years ago
~Come Enjoy the newly added Sci Fi environmental role out~
Love this Region, Always Love to Visit Dawn Island and Walk around seeing all the great things Dawn has to offer. The Movie theaters are the best part of it, Sitting down and watching Music videos.
KimmyLove 2 years ago
love this sim the beach is so nice n warm love to ride the train and see all the wonderful things here>> always nice to spend time here to relax n enjoy
Sunshine 3 years ago
Voice verified or just Female avi's, One can't be to sure in opensims.

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