CLAN LIVE with Clan's Band Flashback to the 80s - 1 PM Friday

Region: Club Escotia
Event begins: 1 years ago: 2023-01-27 13:00 SLT
Added by: Webby Merlin

Back in the time when Movies were hot, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop,
When we all strutted and thought we looked fine, Clan will sing songs you may have heard at the time,
So travel back 'cause one hour is a moment, of all we recall, your song that was so potent,
This time round we're more polite with the Ladies, welcome back one n' all to the time of the Eighties!

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yOU'RE missing out if you don't come to these events on Fridays..... Why you ask!!!!! because you will miss out on the only show you might pay money to see in RL... its not just a singer on a pose. you will experience a hour of a show with a band, dancing, banter from the performers, something new every friday.... New stages and more new songs from Clan every week... he does not sing the same things over and over...every week he might have anywhere from a few songs to sing to a whole set.... You will leave these shows with joy and smiles....