Funsize Dinkies


Faith Fromund
Wonderful region! Well thought out layout and design. The Dinkies I have happened upon in this region are some of the best furries on the grid. I'm new to Dinkie life and this was a great first experience. So much to do and so much fun! Thank you for an amazing build and for sharing it with us!

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This cute little resort is a blast from the past. Roaming these dune filled relaxing points of interest and seeing the adorable 1950s style retro decor was enjoyable and brought a smile to my face. The weekly events sound like a ton of fun and I can't wait future gatherings among this tiny community. The Drive-In Theater is a must attend event.

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Ted Junior
Amazing Region Layout for Dinkies
Friendly and Helpfull
Places to see for sure Zengarden - Mermaid Cove - The joint - The Dinkie Doodle Bar - Shopping Area - Water and Fly areas - Camping
and Dinkie Fishing .
I cant wait to go and fish with all my Dinkie buddies :)

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