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360 snap test

Luna Lunaria: Lovely work Cherry 🥰 3 months ago

Khaos reworked

Old installation reworked

old installtions reworked

JukeBox opening with HG Safari
Where: JukeBox
When: 5 months ago [2 Mar 2022 12:00 SLT]

HG Safari 2022 week 08 - 21h00 european time

Get ready to be syncopated!
DESTINATION 1 Jukebox by Cherry Manga This brand new build is an exploration of classic Manga builds reimagined with a unique musical soundtrack. Make sure you have Advanced Lighting turned on or you will just ... feel very sad. Hint - the Jukebox is the teleporter.
DESTINATION 2 Coopersville by Koshari Mahana. This is an Edwardian themed build with lots of fun activities from the era. read more here https://coopersville.mystrikingly.com/

Welcome to JukeBox. Musical Landscapes...

When landing in the region, if you see a black box,please enable Advanced Lighting Model in preferences.
Use Shared Environement.
Turn on sounds to max too.

When ready, click on the jukebox and select a song.

Be curious, walk, touch...your avatar will trigger things ,and be animated automatically, if you’re stuck in a pose press Alt+Shift+A