Tropicana Bird's Nest Adult

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1950s 60s American Graffiti world
JAZZ BAR Bird's Nest
Lady is singing.
Bird is Blowing.
The Hollywood star is listening to their session.

~Click waitress to give drinks. They will come to serve your drink.
You can dance with a Hollywood star(NPC).~

American Graffiti world
I could not buy Old Harper because I don't have an ID card.

American Graffiti world
Cinema Theater

American Graffiti world
Sockhop Party at the school gym
Musicians and dancers are all Animesh.
You can also dance with NPCs. Click the Mirror ball.

American Graffiti world
Game arcade
Bad boys are doing something...
You can get The Jukebox(copy no script).

American Graffiti world
Electronics Store
Sitting on the car. watching televisions....
You can get the princess phone at the store. (these are my original 3d model)

American Graffiti world
Radio Station
Who is he?

Antonia Ling: Bob Smith aka Wolfmann Jack 2 years ago

Drag Race at "Paradise Road"
Click the starter to run.

Jazz Bar. Have fun with animesh NPC players and NPC dance partners.