All Graders Vets


Emmalena Damour
I love this place. All 3 venues on the region. The all Graders club. The Outdoor Venue and now the Golden Rose Ballroom. The Golden rose has live singers on Saturday and Sunday nights. there is so much beauty here and fun! I saw someone from the hypergrid say they couldn't get in. That depends if yo are from Copy bot grids. DigiworldZi has some of those grids blocked to protect us here in Digiworldz. If you are from a legitimate grid you just have to put in your IIUD or key and the login from your grid. should be login@ whatevergrid:8002 or some such, Many legitimate grids make you do the GDPR as it is European law. Anyhow this region is so much fun! It is more than worth the few minutes it takes to fill out the authorization form for GDPR.

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Not quite complete yet, but tastefully done with respect to some of the heroes of World War II. The modern fighter is a bit out of place for the current motif. I like the idea of the hall of heroes and the USO. It actually captures the feel of many of the USOs that I've visited when in service myself.

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Just love it here

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Tigerkitti Eberdene
I would love to come to visit. I have done the requirements it asked for to be able to go there, but still gives me the same message of not allowed till I agree! I am a Canadian Forces Veteran. My sim Aurora Georgetown on Twisted grid has a full army base replica that would actually be perfect for roleplay if anyone wanted. I have memorials as well, and the one specifically called "veterans among us" I put pictures of anyone who is, or was military, as well as any direct family members who you would like there. Just a place to honour and remember all who served. I also have some items I would be willing to share with other military places if you wish. My base is Canadian but I do have a US memorial I made for SL I would be willing to share, or perhaps build something if you have need. Hopefully, you can inform me how to come to have a look, please. Thanks. Tig

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