Greenfield 2 Adult


Frank Hurt
Desmond Lane (creator of this detailed 4x4 sim) is one of those denizens of the metaverse you just owe it to yourself to meet. His kindness and generosity is reflected in the landscape he's created in Greenfield (also known as Greenland as per the group name). The gardens are my particular favorite, with trails and trees aplenty next to farmland and animals. A hedge maze will keep you busy as you get delightfully lost in it. Beyond that, a peninsula contains a gypsy encampment, while across the bay are docks with boats and shops. An underwater diving destination is the latest addition, which I haven't had the pleasure of exploring yet (but I will). Free homes are offered in tidy skybox subdivisions, where dwellers can decorate and furnish to their heart's content while meeting the neighbors. It's a charming sim created by a charming gentleman.

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Such friendly people at Greenfield! The sim owner and his manager are absolute sweethearts and have both become great friends of mine. Desmond has been building out this sim for over a year, and it contains an assortment of things to explore. I've met several really nice people whenever visiting, too. They host events every so often, such as dances and live singers. I highly recommend this destination for socializing and exploring. :)

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hi I cant get on it keeps saying the url has changed

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