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Rakis Heron
In the beginning we had problems. From 25,000 prim, nothing worked, with 16GB memory and HDD. We now have 128GB memory and SSD. No problems with 62,000 prim. Business Internet synchronus up / down 1000MBite. Whoever crashes his FS or PC should think about a new PC and faster Interbet. Ask yourself how serious you are doing your updates. 98% of all visitors have no problem on our 162 Sim. :) *** Am Anfang hatten wir Probleme. Ab 25'000 prim lief nichts mehr, mit 16GB Memory und HDD. Wir haben jetzt 128GB Memory und SSD. Keine Probleme mit 62'000 prim. Business Internet synchronus up/down 1000MBite. Wem sein FS oder PC crascht sollte über einen neuen PC und schnelleres Interbet nachdenken. Frage Dich selber wie seriös Du deine Updates machst. 98% aller Besucher haben kein Problem auf unseren 162 Sim. :)

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very slow and crash teleporting home

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Amazing collection of buildings, a must see

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Worst Grid you could go to. Extreme laggy, also absolutely unfriendly owner. It looks like the owner is too stupid to host a grid. I wouldn't visit that grid again.

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Power OfGreen
I crashedd but coming back lol I've been twice its really wonderful what is there THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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