Harmony Beningborough 1 years ago
Modee is ship builder extraordinaire! Pirate Queen (?) and the funniest and coolest person I know! Wonderful sims and the battles are fun and exciting! Come and visit Loose Cannon! There is sure to be a pirate waiting to take you on a tour! Great work Modee my friend!! :)
Maximus Lear 1 years ago
I used to do ship battles in Second Life. Do we have fulling working Cannons yet on os grid? I had a friend name modee she made fully working ships in inwoldz. She is still in sl as well.
Modee Parlez 1 years ago
Hello Maximus :) and the answer to your question is YES!

The ships will work on most grids that run Code 9.0+ and so will the cannons. Come see for your self on Discovery grid where i have my home ship yard :)