Southgate Resort LBIND

Southgate Resort LBIND
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We are a lovely build community that builds material from scratch, This Sim is private but you are welcome to visit the Resort, Dance, Ride water crafts, and just hang out by the fire.. We enjoy very nice scenery so you can to.. :)

LB IND. Dragon Moorlord

Hello all, this is a privately owned region but you can visit the resort, everything is free to copy, full perm.. We have music, dance stage, water crafts, and overlook to view all the scene.. This sim is still under construction and am currently working on a luxury party cruise for sim.. Be on the look out for it.. Come by and visit.. Thank you in advance..

Merry Christmas To All.. Come see our nice scenery from all around the hypergrids.. Our plaza is decorated for the holidays.. We have freebies, cookies, hot coco, and nice christmas music..

Come see our new plaza which is a gate way to the Hypergrid.. We also have homes and free parcels that you can use free.. Come join us and see what we have.. Land of Builders, Made For Builders By Builders

We are currently looking for HG and Local vendors to help fill our malls.. If you are interested in helping.. Please PM me..

Thank You

We have a NEW permanent place to call home.. we are still building and expanding.. so bare with us.. If you would like to lend a hand in building, setting up shop or just need a place to call home.. Come find me or message me here and we will get you set up..

LBIND Dragon Moorlord

we are currently remaking and resizing the sim to a var region.. bare with us as the construction continues

We are now accepting applications for members to become part f our team at LB Industries.. You must have experience in building and scripting.. Looking to expand in builders and land management.. Come find Dragon Moorlord for more info in our home region.. HOME
We are still under construction, But we will be having parties and land give aways soon.. Come give us a visit, you can get land or a home in OSGrid for free.. WIll keep everyone updated on out progress.. Also new to come, Cruise Ship Sims...

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