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We are now offering free Home Parcels up to 4096m2 in size, Its divided and can be Terriformed.. We ave many spots open, come check us out.. Also we are in search for HG and Local sellers to help fill our malls.. If you are interested, Come check us out or PM me.. All rentals are free for life of co...
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Bigmike01 created a discussion topic: Calling All HG Vendors/Sellers
10 days ago
Bigmike01 posted a profile update:
We are now on a permanent server and running.. Come see what we have to offer.. We have Land Parcels at best price ever anywhere on any grid, ALL FREE, Parcels can be any size you may need and sim had 60k+ prim count.. We are friendly and Willing to help anyone.. Free Shops, Free Stores, Free Homes, Free EVERYTHING!!!! Come See Us..

LBIND Dragon Moorlord

25 days ago
Bigmike01 posted a reply to a discussion topic.
if you need more space or add a sim.. let me know.. I have plenty to give away
2 months ago
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