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Visit Motorworld in the Metropolis HyperGrid, a 1million square meter heaven for bikers with concerts, free homes for all members, long roads without sim crossings, etc..

Home to Route 66, Woodstock, Sturgis & Laguna Seca Raceway

Motorworld group members can get a free home on our megaregion (16 sims)

Also commercial space available for a tiny monthly fee!

How to join;

1 Register online:

2 Download or open the latest Phoenix Firestorm viewer (for SL and Opensim):

3 change login to: Metropolis Hypergrid (explained below*)

4 teleport to Motorworld (explained below**)

5 Upon entering the sim join the group and read the notecard with basic info.

----- EXTRA INFO -----

* Change the viewer login

- open your viewer preferences and click on the "opensim" tab
- in the Manage grids section u select "Metropolis Metaversum" and click "OK"

** Finding Motorworld

- login with the name and password u registered with on the Metropolis Grid website
- use one of the 2 following links to enter Motorworld or simply open the map and type Motorworld

- hop://

----- TIPS -----

1 Freebies are found troughout the region, walking over the items will result in the item being send to you.

2 Free homes, tents and trailers are for all members of the inworld group "Motorworld" and those who don't have any properties in-world will get priority.
To obtain a free home for yourself or someone u know, contact one of the Motorworld managers or Avalanche Charleville

3 If U wish to have a biker related shop, advertisement, event or anything else u wish to see on this region, please contact one of the Motorworld managers or Avalanche Charleville

4 Any questions/problems? contact one of the Motorworld managers or Avalanche Charleville

We are expecting U!

Ride safe!

Avalanche Charleville
- Founder Motorworld

Evel Knievel
- Head manager Woodstock Concert area & Motorworld music

Adding fauna & flora can be lots of work -.-
4899 trees to go!

Welcome area open for public, Route 66 is layed out and ready for testrides :)

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