Sparkaphat Doobie
This is a great sim to bring your friends to and spend an evening shooting eZombies. It is well thought out and the creator spent a lot of time and thoughtful effort here. It's a great place to stop while out hypergridding!

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Frank Hurt
How am I only now discovering this place?!!!!!

This is a stupid amount of fun. Really impressive programming and I want to set up something like this in my sim now!

Different types of zombies with different attributes, a clever overlay that's not quite a HUD (no attachment--how'd they do that?). Health, speed, some other stuff I've yet to discover.

Only thing I wish was different was the leader board. There is NO WAY I'll ever be able to get on the leader board when it only takes your highest score and some guys have played...get this...5.5 hours. Straight. Because it's not a cumulative score, but rather your best score.

All and all, it's a lot of fun and though it's not to be confused with a standalone console game of course, it's a really impressive bit of programming for open sim. I'd love to see more of this!

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