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Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted. If ever you see something that your concerned about please let me know. My goal is to support the opensource community by keeping free resources free and shared. I am currently in a master’s program for learning and teaching in emerging technologies. Creating worlds appropriate and beneficial for younger audiences in the virtual environment will be the eventual outcome and expansion into other subject areas. I am having fun with items that are shared but may not be included in the end products as I learn more about open-source and permissions and eventually hope to contribute original or re-purposed items when the creative commons licensing allows. I will often work on multiple projects ***Currently I have two classes this semester with varying goals. I will be working on Christian Curriculum, and "museum" displays for creative writing, "ability" in open sim role play simulations, art/photography and possibly short movie/music with curriculum. Explore as you will as I have no idea what ventures lie ahead.

Currently I am re-purposing an OAR found on Outworldz,


The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW) lobby was used to introduce new users on how to maneuver within the virtual environment during the 2015 FCVW conference. This region was set up using predefined sections to help guide users through the process of walking, flying, getting dressed, and finally customizing their avatar’s appearance. Upon completion of the basic introduction training, conference attendees would travel to other virtual locations to participate in the various workshops of the conference.

All OAR file are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. More information on the license can be found here:

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Salie Davis Great site for educators and curriculum development examples with lots of support and shared objects and resources.

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Salie Davis 2 years ago
We have changed! New year New look,New focus, exciting changes!. If you have a need for prior builds and Islands please coordinate with us and we may upload a prior build for a day. If you visit the Island and find a different build than expected then understand that we are working with classes and groups so are frequently changing. We will be uploading new images from our new educational build (in progress) over the next few weeks.
Salie Davis 2 years ago
This world is very full, with lots of resources. I am currently working on streamlining and improving navigation.... because you may get lost, then again that is part of the adventure!