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Use: Very_Nice_Greeter_v1.02.13
addresses an issue when admin choose to view log in Very_Nice_Greeter_v1.02.12 and no output given if no log entries.
Line 517 replaced llOwnerSay with llRegionSayTo to fix bug.

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Script written and tested before publishing. Original code by myself.
I operated a successful gadget store in SecondLIfe and Marketplace from 2008 till around 2015 (SWA Security & Gadgets).
I retired from SecondLife when the IRS started hunting me down owing 10's of thousand in taxes. (I can't visit the USA - not that I want to) With SL fees, running costs and IRS flat tax rate of 30% to Australians I decided they can stick my pencil into their exit holes and been giving my stuff away for free since, Simply I refuse the to allow the IRS and Secondlife to make more money than I from my creations.

It's now a Hobby I enjoy for you to enjoy.

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Now provides a dialog to visitor asking if they want a landmark. This can be disabled.

Greeter which gives short basic greeting.

Supports admin and white list.

Feel free to play with the code

Greeter requires 2 notecards to be created and placed inside the greeter,

admins_list   (Place the names of your admins)

white_list  (place the names of those avatars not to send greeting to

Does not check if avatar is an NPC so white list your NPC's (This done to make compatible with all region configurations)

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Thanks so much for the great scripts! I hope you are well.
I just visited your store. Very nice and thank you for this script. I hope you are healing well and feeling better IrishWhiskey
Hey IrishWhiskey! :) Sending much love.. light and healing to you! I own quite a few of your scripts in SL still.. the greeter orb.. magic picture frame.. and visitor tracker! Thank you for this new script! I can't wait to test it out! I'm a big fan of your work! Get well soon!
:) Thank you for the kind wishes. Be safe, take care.