Fukken Uber Death Party


Trav Winesmith Never Died.
Finally, the Hypergrid has a freedom of speech chat hangout sim! There are no rules here and thank God.
You are allowed to talk about what is on your mind without hesitation, or fear of being banned for your ideologies.
I have been praying for the past 10 months for a voice hangout sim...one that had no rules, and one that didn't check to see if you had your cock attached to your body...(even if it is invisible, but still attached). A sim that wasn't snobby and cliquish. One where you won't get banned for telling a woman her avatar looks sexy....OH, I have been praying for this kind of hangout, and finally a piece of heaven is now here in opensim!

LBSA and all the Nazi's that run it, move a bit closer to the virtual hell it belongs to, because Hell is Authoritarian- it does not allow free speech or expression....and Hell , (just like LBSA) has more rules than a Karen's scavenger hunt, or weekend timeshare.

Fukken Uber Death Party sim is the place you want to come to if you want to actually have a real and stimulating conversation.. Most of the time, people are on voice... this creates an environment where back stabbing and gossiping cannot exist...everything is all out in the open... We all know that cowards and doubt makers don't voice.. they type... and then type some more.... and then, all the sudden..... notecards are being sent to you that are titled,
"The Top 10 reasons you shouldn't talk to Travesty Winesmith in 2022" or "The top 5 reasons to ban Travesty Winesmith from your grid in 2022".

Voice adds another dimension in a virtual world, while typing alone.... does not... Typing without voice is limited in its content and interactions...I hope to see this sim succeeded. I hope that it will include naughty voice chat areas or regions, kind of like "Dirty Talk" in secondlife. Maybe now, opensim can move in a better direction.... Free, Fun, and Freedom Oriented. I will be at this sim time to time.. so if any of you following me on opensimworld reading this, want to have a chat with me on voice... and you happen to see me at Fukken Uber Death Party... turn on your mic and say hello...

-Travesty Winesmith

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the best free speech sandbox ever if you want to make an account go to http://os.thug.tv/
by far the best sandbox in this entire fucking hypergrid

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