Jeanne Lefavre
Huang is a hidden diamond. I went there and found myself smiling happily in this world of fantasy creatures and magic beauty. And yes, I picked up some wonderful things. A good mood place it is. Go see it and love it!

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Anime Haunt lovely land, I adore it thank you for gift

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DjChanel Hurricane
Huang was built with the heart, a good reason, now she shines a lot, the people who frequent the region make her very wonderful
I Love Huang

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Both Huang and the neighboring Anime Haunt region, created by Arkham yet hosted on grid, are well-built themed areas worthy of your exploration. Great , freely shared items in each to bring home. Huang is set in a sort of asian-cyber-urban style, hard to describe but I love the vibe, and there are events held at the various clubs, always good DJs (myself, a few times, and awesome house/techno mixes by the legendary DJ Chanel Hurricane). One more thing to note, Lucky Chairs?! Wow, oh yes I know it's all free in opensim, but they are just as fun and addicting as they were in SL -- call my crazy but I like them! Great job Felix and team for creating these spaces, I will return!

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Amazing place, your club is lovely and there is great music, DjChanel Hurricane you are the best thank you :)

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Great place great ppl

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no deja llegar

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