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Andron Rae in opensim and SL, Andron827 in VRChat, Twitter, Discord. World builder, DJ, sometimes writer, artist, admin.

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Portland Share
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Portland Share is a virtual recreation of downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square (in Oregon USA), aka Portland's Living Room, with furniture, art, and PT Designs fashions created by Pasha Theas and Andron Rae. All in-store items free to copy for all grids with no group required. Notes: Pasha ha...
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Caribou Fantasy
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Caribou Fantazie was the last world from the hand of Pasha Theas, sadly never completed before she passed some years ago. We are honored to bring this back with the intent of completing it to her original vision (and then some!). A discernable path leads you through realms of fae, fairy, elves, mono...
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Caribou Victorian
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You will find 3 themed areas here: Cloverbrook, a complete Victorian town with homes and shops for roleplay, 2 connected regions of long beachfronts with walking paths and parks to enjoy, and an upscale nightclub within a lush tropical setting. ------------------------ Information about Caribo...
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Caribou Crystalwind
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A peaceful place that welcomes everyone. Created by Pasha Theas across many grids, and now in Caribou with a few 18+ things added in secluded areas ;) A PNW themed forest with trails and year-round Christmas village. Please be aware a PG version of Crystalwind remains in Neverworld Grid, and can ...
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Asian themes merge on this remote island where communities come together in peace, all are welcome. Come experience tai chi, meditation, walk the streets and gardens, and become part of this sacred realm. Primary build and landscaped by Pasha Theas. Import/Export, scripting, NPC, foley, and othe...
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Home of Neon Spin, a futuristic looking dance venue, where DJ Andron and others usually play on alternating Saturdays, around 1 PM SLT. A few other small builds experiment with sound. Egiap Corner shopping has unique items, and a few private residences for some. Public welcome in most areas, no gro...
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The Caves
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A prospector greets you, speaking of underground tunnels and above ground caves, old mines and mysterious forces surround the previous owner... Explore and follow a mystical story, read the notes to discover mysteries of the caves. (Enable ALM and sounds!) Original story and build by Andron Rae. ...
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The stories of Brigadoon, an interactive journey loosely based on the Scottish poem Tam O'Shanter by Robert Burns (and a few twists!). Primary storyline and build by Andron Rae. Landscaped and additional elements by Pasha Theas. Aft hae I roved by bonnie Doon, To see the woodbine twine, And ilka...
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Terri Bestijl: I had look last week to see if Poland Share was still online, I am saddened to hear of Pasha Theas, she will be truly missed. I had talked with her a few times in world. Now saying that happy to see y... 19 days ago

This lab looks arcane. What was going on here?

A crew of miners must have worked here before, but what were they excavating?

Careful, steep stairs...

Oh no, it looks like this mine entrance collapsed...

That's a restricted area, I best stay out...

The prospector's cabin

Someone built a makeshift path of boards to the other chamber...

There's that symbol again, what's beyond the gate?

A rickety old bridge beckons us further inside...

Another mine shaft...

Another entrance above ground...

What strange technology is this?

Crystals growing here?

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Both Huang and the neighboring Anime Haunt region, created by Arkham yet hosted on grid, are well-built themed areas worthy of your exploration. Great , freely shared items in each to bring home. Huang is set in a sort of asian-cyber-urban style, hard to describe but I love the vibe, and there are events held at the various clubs, always good DJs (myself, a few times, a...

Arkham Grid

An excellent build with ever-changing cybernetic theme! You can tell a lot of work went into this build. As with the other regions Felix has created, the architecture is well done. You can tell his team put a lot of effort and love into the free shops here. My wardrobe would be nowhere without Felix's creations, and for this I am grateful. As an aside, please, folks, do not take these only to repa...

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