The Fall Isle


Valkar MY APOLOGIZES that you you fallen in the water and got all wet , as for the rest of what you said they are untruth the fall Isle is boating community it has 2 club one is on land The other is On water if you like I will send you my Glasses ,if you set your draw distance really low of course you will not see anything and the Picture I post should show the landing ,that was lovely put together and other parts of the region oh and the 30 min I remember you your the person that went shopping in my home and other parts of my land I hope you found what you needed . and there a teleport to the club at the landing spot. I also i did send you a teleport to the club before you start shopping I'm sorry you miss the event it was a blast. (great , good I hope you can get your act together}and remember be good to other they will you . the box in the air that is a building Platform you Know where you have peace and quiet to design or build. but of course your clueless that Explain the ...

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So instead of showing up anywhere near ANY music venue, if you follow this TP you end up at the bottom of the ocean trying to figure out what the hell is going on. So you fly up and find a a structure, (assuming your draw distance picks it up), but the structure gives no clue as to it's purpose. You have to deduce on your own that the place has a tp to sim locations...none of which are the Fall.. The Fall is nowhere to be found.. There are NO instructions at the TP site much less where they send you when you rezz after you following their TP instructions as given on opensimworld. I wasted 30 min before I said the hell with it...I'll find someplace with it's act together

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