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The Fall Isle

So instead of showing up anywhere near ANY music venue, if you follow this TP you end up at the bottom of the ocean trying to figure out what the hell is going on. So you fly up and find a a structure, (assuming your draw distance picks it up), but the structure gives no clue as to it's purpose. You have to deduce on your own that the place has a tp to sim locations...none of which are the Fall.. ...

Discovering Breath

Huge group of sprawling regions.. and the Owner is very very nic. She is also very accessible to help with any problems anyone has. That and a great sense of humor makes her and little breath num,ber 1 in my book

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NewBeginnings 11 months ago
Thank you, for the information about landing in the water sorry you got all wet , there is a teleport that take you to the club please try Again let me know smile, sorry you Missed out the event it was a blast . and it's a boating community 3 clubs One in the sky 2 on on the land .your welcome there any time . free home for people to rent . Oh i remember you I sent you A teleport and welcome you but you were busy shopping in my house and on my land , picking up thing I hope you found what you needed have a good day !