Amazing sim with some brilliant builds and themes, a lot of fun to look around and explore and the Freebies are AMAZING!!!! ill be coming back many times

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Passion Jumanji
I must say . . . First off, the sim is AWESOME . . . it is decorated very lovely and is a #1 hit IMHO! ;) It most certainly shows that PowerofGreen put a ton of work into this place! AND . . . you can tell she loves what she is doing, TSTL! ;) There are TONS of freebies all over the place . . . Don't miss an adventure here of wandering around seeing AWESOME stuff as well as gathering SO SO SO MANY FREEBIES!. . . TYSVM for the AWESOME adventure that I am having and will continue to come back to! TYSVM for all the freebies, as well ;) Keep up the GREAT work! ;) I've been here for a few hours already . . . LMBO! I don't plan on leaving for a while . . . even after I've had my fill of gathering freebies . . . there are SO MANY freebies that it's going to take me quite some time to gather everything I want ;) Going to bring my other avy from my Fairydreams grid here as well! WOOHOO! WOOOOT! ;)

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