Frank Hurt
I'm not into roleplaying, but I do have an appreciation for well-designed sims, and this one meets that standard. The creator of this sim, Adira, is ultra friendly and helpful, as is her husband Alduras. They're fun to talk shop with when touring the detailed towns, villages, and rural areas depicted in this expansive roleplay sim. I noticed a previous reviewer cited a lack of manners, and maybe that was his/her experience, but it wasn't mine. This couple speaks English as a second language, so there's a good chance there was just a miscommunication. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt though, since my interactions with these two have been only positive. :) Well worth a visit, regardless of what your interests are, just to check out the details that have gone into this obvious labor of love.

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the male owner a typical wannabe no manners offending vistitors no clue about rp , m mixing rp and rl . offending ppls rl , not even worth a visit. his behavior is dishonorfull not at all gorean like or even bdsm ettiquete . just a big mouth . wouldnt even worth to loose any word . put a MUST to post a warning

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