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People: Think of this: This is the ex AviWorld founder here who dumped all 13 plus times! Be careful to visit that new bunch..Just good ment from an oldie to HG. Dont let your skin get ripped off again

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Tim K
You BLOCKED whatsapp when I thought you were my friend... I have money problems too, but I still have compassion in my heart and would return everyone's things to them! We deserve our .inv and .oar files! We will defiantly NOT be going to aviworlds or avitron anything else that you're a part of. You betrayed us all. And I'm disabled and in a walker, so I know what money problems are like. You should have talked to us all about this instead of being callous and immature, especially since we talked almost every day! We will never trust you or any of your associates again! You betrayed us all... PS: the residents or a grid are not responsible for paying for YOUR servers - that is NOT how a business works. Charging second life prices for your renamed grid is not how to attract new players. You should be more concerned with paying your child support then trying to run a grid that you can't afford.

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Virtual Ville took my money and ran away.. -.- talked crap about Josh from Aviworlds than goes and tells us in an email to go there after he shuts down. Terrible! I thought I could trust him.

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This man has been persecuted for wrong things his crew did. A father of 3 with a passion for the virtual worlds. But because of his tech people dishonesty and real life events like not having food to eat and still offered free regions for everyone. I would measure your words because you don't know the real truth. Virtual Ville is a very nice grid, free land for everyone and tons of freebies for the community.

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