Azeroth Community Adult

Caprica Cylon 10 months ago
Very beautiful region. Hospitable hosts. It was very nice to visit your sim.
Maria Korolov 10 months ago
Does Azeroth have a website? Or a Facebook page, or some other web presence where people can get more info about the grid?

-- Maria Korolov, Hypergrid Business,
EzequielM 9 months ago
Hello Maria,
Thank you for being interested into the Azeroth Grid. For right now we don't have any website nor any place to get references about the grid. It started as a private project about 2 years ago and with my girlfriend wanted to share with there rest of the people the place we have being working on.
Anyway, anyone can always contact us sending a message here at OpensimWorld and we will receive it.

Best regards,
Ezequiel M.
Skadi Menna 11 months ago
Come and RP with us!
or come just to say Hi, either way, we will be excited to see you!
Tao Menna 11 months ago
Come join us for Roleplay or just to chat, on our lovely Torvaldsland Sim. Either way feel free to say Hello, we do not bite, usually anyways. ~grins~
If we do not answer right away, it may mean we are meshing, scripting or building.
Still, we will be happy to hear from you / see you!