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Mirror Maze Two

Mirror maze one

New sights in Oneiros!
While the story hasn't changed, the region has been revamped to make the journey from one scene to the next more interesting. There are also features outside of the story to explore, such as mirror mazes and a display on game changers. The Riversea town has also been remodelled, and use is made of windlights to add atmosphere to different areas of sim. Projector lights are also in use, so advanced lighting will help to make the most of the visit (vital for the mirror mazes).
Nanowrimo Writing sprint
Where: Oneiros
When: 3 years ago [2 Nov 2019 02:00 SLT]

For any nanowrimo-ers out there - day 2! Timed sprints - write non-stop for 30 mins and get that novel moving with another 500 words. We'll take a 10 min break, then start again for a second round.

TP from the welcome area to Gevan woods.

NaNoWriMo Camp
Where: Oneiros
When: 3 years ago [1 Nov 2019 00:01 SLT]

Calling out to writers, especially those who want a chance to get that novel started. Writing can be a lonely process. November is national novel writing month (NaNoWriMo) and those taking part, or just want to hang out writing something less ambitious, please join this supportive community (NaNoWriMo group in HGLuv). All group members will be able to notice the group with a prompt, or a timed write up when they are available to meet and of course, don't forget the buddy option on the NaNoWriMo website!


Irel (aka Raven and the Woman who lives in the Swamps)

Coffee Morning at The Mummy!
Where: Oneiros
When: 4 years ago [13 Sep 2019 11:00 SLT]

Take a break, have a kitkat! Wake up at the Mummy cafe with cuppa! Chinwag, gossip, tell us what brilliant idea your concocting, get to know you time!

Opening date set! Invitation open to all. Performance piece followed by a PARTY!! Cosplay and masquerade encouraged :)

An Awakening
Where: Oneiros
When: 4 years ago [12 Sep 2019 12:00 SLT]

A Story and Sound Experience brought to you by Safar Fiertze and Verdant Homewood, to mark the official opening of Oneiros: Once Upon a Time. The event will last an hour and will be followed by a party into the wee hours. All welcome. Cosplay and masquerade dress especially encouraged.

Coffee Morning at The Mummy
Where: Oneiros
When: 4 years ago [21 Jun 2019 11:00 SLT]

Chat, catch up, share your latest project, have a general moan, always a listening ear to be found at the Mummy Cafe. Drink and food dependent upon what the smugglers bring in!

Shindig in the Sky Castle
Where: Oneiros
When: 4 years ago [23 Jun 2019 15:00 SLT]

Live music and dance in a sky castle. Brave the intrepid Sky Path on your way to this live DJ stream event, partnered with a UWA gallery in SL hosted by artist Quadrapop Tree and DJ Verdant Homewood.
Select 'sky path' from the teleport menu in the welcome area to make your way to the castle. A weekly event.

A story book region - opening coming soon!