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Come for the free Gowns stay for the Ballroom - Hotel - Gameroom- Theatre - and restaurant - your ultimate date night solution!

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Thank you being patient during this maintenance window. The Grid now has that NEW grid smell :-) Thank you -Social Mouse Team - Grid is opened
7 months - 0 comments
SM is Closed for Maintenance <3 We will return shortly.... xoxox
7 months - 0 comments
Social City - Pre Vday Bash! Come Dressed to impress and let the Live Singers Move you!
12 months - 3 comments
Social Mouse Is looking for Talented Live Artist to Perform in this beautiful place for our Pre Valentines Day Bash - please message me here or Social Mouse in world! Show will be 02/11/2019 - Starting at 12:00 PST (SMT) Grid Time
12 months - 3 comments

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SocialMouse 9 months
Come Down to Social City - for Lunch on us! We have New Placemats that rez all the food you can eat! Come on down an have a Lunch / Dinner/ Breakfast/Dessert on us! City
SheriffDawn 10 months
Love your store with all your beautiful dresses. Wonderful work :)
JaniaCleanslate 10 months
Awes Thanks you <3 please visit again
VictorDeAngelo 1 years
Visitors to Social City will more than enjoy the very well done downtown featuring the most up to date freebie clothing stores as well as simply a beautiful place to spend time; especially with someone special. Kudos to the creator of this wonderful place for all to enjoy.
JaniaCleanslate 10 months
Awes thank you <3 provides Fast Private & Affordable Lab Testing
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