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Dj Blazer @ Rockin' the Blues Saturday 6-7:30 PM

Region: Wyldwood Bayou
Event begins: 7 months ago: 9 Nov 2019 18:00 SLT

He's bbbaacccckkkkkkk @ Rockin ' the Blues Dj Blazer made his debut last week and gotta tell you .... Tribe LOVED his blues!! If you missed his first one, get on down to the club tonight and check him out... you are going to love the tunes of the newest addition to our fine family of Djs here at RTB. With a deep rooted love of all music this bluesman spins like he's made a set just for your ears... yep...he's just that good... Come on down and check him out.... tell me if I'm right... :)

Good fri

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