Wyldwood Bayou

Event Details

Dj Pops @ Lady Blue Friday 6:30-8:?? PM

Region: Wyldwood Bayou
Event begins: 2 months ago: 29 Nov 2019 18:30 SLT

Dj Pops @ Lady Blue??!! Did you hear that right??!! Why yes....yes you did!!! Pops has broken that mystical barrier at Lady Blues to become the first EVER male Dj to grace her stage in her 6 years!!! How did this come to pass you ask??!! Well...that is a long and varied story... but the end result is that Pops made it to the top of the heap and will boldly spin hot, naughty, sultry and sexy blues tonight! If you love scratchies, innuendo and full out fun....get on down to Lady Blue tonight for a barrel

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