Diamond Gallery


Raymond Micheal
great place and very attentive....I highly recommend.....username-Raymond Micheal-DG

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Debra Ann Congi
This is absolutely one of the best sims I have seen and with high quality freebies!!! I commend you and your beautiful art because that is what builders builds are...............art. People are going to remember your name for years to come. Beautifully done!!! I keep going back to see everything because there is soooooooooooooooo much to see. Thanks so much for making your sim. Hats off to you!!!!

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Rita Dragon
Amazing place as the other Diamond Regions.. The fabulous free stuff and the presentation are simply beyond words. Thank you for sharing, your amazing work, and the wedding area, most ladies only dream of something so fairy tale like, Though a bit too white for me, but is truly the place for that fairy tale wedding. great job i am excited to visit again and again. and will bring all my friends to visit too

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Candace Larganta
Jesus Christ. Don't you people ever give up? SACRARIUM IS FULL OF STOLEN CONTENT AND CHILD SEX PORNOGRAPHY AND PEDOPHILIA! https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2018/02/sacrarium-grid-removes-illegal-content-misbehaving-users/

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I really like the style and design. Its perfect to walk and look around.

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Tainted Angel
Welcome Back!! When I try to visit any of your regions, it says I'm banned?

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One of the best, if not the best, in the way of quality builds, from furniture, homes, and various other comlimentary builders needs that supports even being more creative. To say I am impressed isnt good enough! thanks for the great region!

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Jimmy Olsen
Indeed a lot of (very good) freebies.. I do recommend :)

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