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Revo Freebies
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Free Shops For Your Creations with TP directly to your Region!

Revolution Grid - the life is a game ! *Beta
You doent need a account with us to have a free shop for your free creations.
Just teleport and check it out!

Revolution Grid (Revo Grid) is a private project. Its a no comerzial project.
And still under construction!

The grid is in beta that means the simulation still has errors. I assume no liability for any damage that may have occurred to you.

Gloebit enable.

This here i do for to learn how all works together.

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ausgrid Just cant teleport there as it pop up message saying I'm banned to all regions in that freebie region. I don't understand why it been block to access to that region.
johnboy snoodle I went to pay a visit and found I am banned from his region!! My name inworld is johnboy snoodle and I own snoodle world offering free everything on a whole region which is jam packed solid with free Houses, Castle and god knows how many other items so I certainly see no reason to be banned from his...
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